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Backyard Pool Weatherization

Winterize your pool

Tips to keep your pool from freezing! Pool weatherization is important

When the temperature drops below freezing your freeze guard will automatically turn on, during this time it’s crucial to maintain your water level. Our pool water evaporates at a rapid pace the longer it runs.

Never backwash during freezing temps

DO NOT use heater during extreme temps unless it has been running prior to the drop in temperature.

Protect and cover outdoor faucets


Turn off circuit breakers to all pool equipment

Open filter air bleed valve (located on top of filter)

Pull drain plugs on all equipment (pump, filter, heater)

Remove in-line chlorination lid

Open all valves or adjust 3-way valves to the middle position

To prevent ice from forming in the skimmers, place a 1-liter plastic bottle half-filled with water in each skimmer. This will help take up any freeze expansion in the skimmers.

Stay safe & warm!

Your Pool Guy Family 💕

In the spring time we can update your pool. Do the pool weatherization and have a happy pool in the springtime.

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